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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Christian Counseling

As a counselor, the goal is for your experience in my office to be an experience of healing and growth, a place to pursue truth, and a place to be authentic. If you are a person of faith Christian counseling can enrich these opportunities by blending effective counseling techniques with sensitivity to religious values and spiritual awareness.


Cognitive therapy and Christian ideas can blend to provide an effective healing environment. Many patients share that they have been in therapy previously and the therapist was either unable or unwilling to engage in discussion about their Christianity. Research supports the value of Christian beliefs when dealing with depression and anxiety. One study found 84% of respondents felt it was important or very important to discuss their religious values in therapy.


As a Christian experiencing challenge in your life, you can trust that your beliefs and values will be combined with effective cognitive behavioral therapy. Our goal is to begin restoring your joy and peace during our sessions together.