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DNA Testing

If you're having trouble finding a medication that works for you, don't give up hope!

Here's the thing--we all respond to medications differently. That's why a particular medication may not work for you, but does work for someone else. 

How we each respond to a medication depends on our genes. One way to discover whether or not a medication will work is to try it. This trial and error process can lead to months of taking medications that don't work or cause side effects. During this time you could end up missing work, paying for multiple doctor visits, or losing hope you'll ever find a medication that can help you. 

Your DNA knows how your body responds to medications, so your clinician can steer clear of medications that may cause side effects or be less effective. A GeneSight test analyzes your DNA and helps your doctor get a clearer understanding of what medication might work best based on your genetic makeup. 

Multiple studies have proven that the GeneSight test works better than treatment as usual:

Patients taking medications guided by the GeneSight Psychotropic test saw a 70% greater improvement in depressive symptoms. 

The GeneSight test is based on patented proprietary technology developed in partnership with Mayo Clinic and Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center. 

For more information about GeneSight, visit genesight.com/stories. 

If you would like to do the GeneSight testing, simply schedule an appointment with me at the clinic and we will get it done! We have been doing it since July of 2018, and already we have many patients reporting that, for the first time, they are on the right medication and it works!